Crash on load

There is a known bug in Archie-M 2.5 which causes Archie-M to write corrupted bridge files. The result is that when these files are later loaded, Archie-M will crash.

We are trying to track down the bug, but it is proving very difficult to locate. In the mean time, we have a program that can be used to fix corrupted files. This can be downloaded here:  Archie2FileFix.exe

This is a command line executable. 

  1. Save the .exe file next to the .brg files you wish to fix.
  2. Run the windows command prompt, and change to the folder containing .exe and .brg
  3. Type "Archie2FileFix.exe <bridge.brg>"

A new .brg file will be created alongside the original with the filename suffix -Fixed, so "bridge.brg" will become "bridge-Fixed.brg".

This article will be updated when a new version of Archie-M that fixes the bug is available. 

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