Autorun results

The table produced by an autorun is confusing at the moment. Slightly less so in version than in In the latter case the QA colmn shows pass or fail but the distinction is wrong because it takes no account of backing. To remove the confusion, the QA column now simply duplicates what is shown in the "Offset Proportion" column.

If you double click on any row in the table, the load will be moved to that position and you can then compare the value (in this case 1.38) with the offset in the data table showing behind in this screen image. The ring is 600mm the maximum offset 830mm the "Offset proportion" is 830/600.

In this case, there is actually backing 1m deep and the real critical point is at the second block up:

So it is still a fail, but the actual factor is 705/600 or 1.18.

In a future version we will change the structure of the model such that backing is properly accounted for in the QA results and the pass/fail column will be restored and properly effective.

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